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Bornholm EU test bed Renewable Energy Tour & Field Trips

Bornholm, May 31-June 2, 2016
During a very successful study tour & field trip, this little Danish island provided insights about and demos of energy systems and solutions on a community scale for the benefit of other parts in Europe. Feedback indicated that this event was very much appreciated. Participants were not only able to network and learn from one another, but were also exposed to some of the latest innovations, technologies and solutions.
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Manchester, March 20-22, 2017
Manchester has been selected as the UK demonstrator city to test and demonstrate a smart city at scale, aiming to provide a replicable model for other cities in the UK and beyond. The focus of this Study Tour and Field Trips is on the application of technologies and services in energy & environment and citizen empowerment. We will show the pioneering work Manchester is doing through its projects, finding innovative ways to respond to local needs and priorities.
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Various locations, May 31 – June 2, 2017
The Northern Netherlands region is a real demonstrator of renewable energy applications, in addition to being a hotspot of applied RE sciences for businesses and innovations. It has the facilities, technologies and the best possible network to develop plans into the RE products and services the citizens demand.

How we work

The most principal activities are a combination of four different approaches:
Sharing insights and effective practices is our core business, with a sharp focus on applications.
  • Field visits

    Field visits to projects, cities or regions, in order to get immersed in the practices

  • Workshops or Conferences

    Workshops or conferences around field trips, involving a variety of stakeholders including citizens, RE-professionals, policy makers, researchers, politicians and practitioners

  • Forensic peer review sessions

    Forensic peer review sessions – where partners have the chance to learn from and critique one another’s approaches and Interactively discussing opportunities, best practices, limitations, the barriers and obstacles to overcome, the importance of flexibility and adaptation

  • Intensive networking

    Intensive network opportunities to reflect on the experience and to share the emerging lessons with peers in other projects

In a context where individuals, groups of citizens, cities and regions are seeking to address growing energy challenges with limited or diminished resources, the opportunity to learn from peers is highly attractive. We belief that starting with a solution will help citizens, cities and regions to work within a clear mind and framework on the inception of similar projects.

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